Mindful Leadership Eng

15 February 2019


You have now entered into the e-learning platform where you will be able to access all the resources for your Mindful Leadership Course. This course follows the Mindful Leadership credits for the Trinity College Dublin MBA and EMBA programs.

May this learning and practice be of great benefit to you and all those around you.


Session I: Calm in Chaos


“Mindful Leadership is being internally and externally aware to respond appropriately to personal, group and environmental challenges”

Boaz Feldman,
founder of Mindful Leadership Executive Program.


Daily Practices for week 1:

  • 1x Mindfulness body scan for 25′ or 45′, (versions françaises 20′, 45‘).
  • 1x Routine activity (of your choice)


General introductions to Mindfulness practice:







On Mindful Leadership:




Personal testimonies:


Further resources:

  • Auto-pilot article .pdf
  • Auto-pilot article and the behavioural economy .pdf



Session II: Embodiment



“Presence is the most essential leadership quality.”

Bill George, Harvard Business School, 2015.


Daily practices for week 2:

  • Daily Mindfulness with Breathing: 20′, 45′ (versions françaises: 15′, 25‘ ou 45‘)
  • Minute Meditation – Soft belly: 1′ (fr),
  • Daily routine activity


Additional Resources:


On Embodiment:




III: Cultivating Passion


“The mind is no match for the heart in persuasion.”

Everett Dirksen ,
Politican, XXth Century.


Daily Practices for week 3:

  • 1x Cultivating Passion 20′
  • Minute Meditation: Desire 1′


The relevance of a positive culture for sustainable success: