Articles et journaux académiques

La méthodologie de formation est intimement liée aux recherches scientifiques récentes. Cette section propose des liens et articles spécifiques concernant la Pleine Conscience en entreprise, les bienfaits de la Pleine Conscience pour la santé, la thérapie psychosomatique, les adaptations de la thérapie cognitive ainsi que les interventions psychosociales en humanitaires.


Pleine Conscience (Mindfulness)

  • Mindfulness & Leadership (Trisoglio, 2013) (.pdf)
  • The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Therapy on Anxiety and Depression: A Meta-Analytic Review (Hofmann et al. 2007) (.pdf)
  • Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on Emotion Regulation in Social Anxiety Disorder (Goldin & Gross, 2010) (.pdf)
  • Antidepressant Monotherapy vs Sequential Pharmacotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, or Placebo, for Relapse Prophylaxis in Recurrent Depression (Segal, et al. 2010) (.pdf)
  • Mindfulness training and neural integration: differentiation of distinct streams of awareness and the cultivation of well-being (Siegel, 2007) (.pdf)



Thérapie Psychosomatique

  • Clarifying the Construct of Mindfulness in the Context of Emotion Regulation and the Process of Change in Therapy (Hayes & Feldman, 2004) (.pdf)
  • Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit (Lee, Ng, Leun, 2009) (.pdf)



Adaptation culturelle de la thérapie cognitivo-comportementale

  • Modifying Exposure-Based CBT for Cambodian Refugees with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Otto, 2006) (.pdf)
  • Adapting CBT for traumatized refugees and ethnic minority patients: Examples from culturally adapted CBT (CA-CBT) (Hinton, et al. 2012) (.pdf) 
  • The Problematic Nature of Using Western Treatments for PTSD in Non-Western Settings and a Discussion of Culturally Sensitive Interventions (Baldachin, 2010) (.pdf)



Interventions psychosociales

  • Collective trauma in northern Sri Lanka: a qualitative psychosocial-ecological study (Somasundaram, 2007) (.pdf)
  • Stress and staff support strategies for international aid work (Curling & Simmons, 2010) (.pdf)
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress: Prevalence in Humanitarian Aid Workers in India (Shah, Garland & Katz, 2007) (.pdf)