Biography of Boaz Feldman

Boaz works as a management and clinical psychologist, a trainer and a researcher. His areas of intervention are diverse, including corporations, public-private sectors, humanitarian NGO’s, community-based organisations, groups and individual clients in a multi-disciplinary clinical practice.

My objective is to
enhance performance and
to support sustainable
healing and educational
strategies based on
self-awareness and inter-personal resiliency of individuals, corporations and communities.


Boaz has studied in various countries including Switzerland, England, Canada and Thailand. With his first degree in economics and business administration, he developed a solid basis for working efficiently, setting and meeting realistic goals.

BBF CircleNext, Boaz studied psychology, corporate performance enhancement and psychosomatic psychology. His longstanding training in mindfulness-based approaches and Western psychological methodologies enables a unique cross-pollination between therapy, psycho-biological sciences and wisdom traditions. His clinical areas of expertise include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), burnout, depression and anxiety disorders.



Learning about the mind, connecting with principles of nature...

Learning about the mind, connecting with principles of nature…


Work Experience

Boaz has engaged himself in a variety of contexts, all immersed with high performance objectives: corporate development, humanitarian crises, treatment of clinical pathologies and development of low-income context. For the most part, Boaz has worked as a trainer building capacity in corporate environments, in humanitarian interventions in conflict zones (Afghanistan, Burkina Faso & Myanmar), natural disasters (Thailand) and development contexts (Ukraine, Romania, Moldova & Mozambique). He also works in a multi-disciplinary psychotherapeutic practice with groups and individual clients in Geneva, Switzerland.

His expertise from highly stressful humanitarian contexts has built a solid basis from which he works in the corporate sector. He teaches Mindful Leadership at the Trinity College Dublin Executive MBA program, Contemplaction Programs for lawyers and mediators (in collaboration with the Geneva and Vaud Barristers, as well as the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation), and has founded the Corporate Mindfulness Training Series PRO-X: Performance and Resilience for Organisational eXcellence. He also coaches management executives individually and small groups in Geneva and at a distance.

Please see this page for a brief of past and present collaborations. He is an official associate trainer of the Organic Intelligence Institute (California) and the Somatic Experiencing Association UK and reviews papers on Mindfulness for the World Health Organisation. For a more complete biography, please see the following LinkedIn page.


Live each day as
though it were
your last,
learn as if you were
to live forever.

M.K. Ghandhi