Systemic Therapy

Systems-based therapy is based on the science on complex systems theory – it is providing radical new ways of understanding the physical, biological, ecological, and social universe. As human beings, we are complex ecosystems: brain systems, tissue systems, organ systems, neural networks — biospheres that can hum and dance together, meant for harmonious interconnections. A human being can be a symphony of systems, or it can be out of tune and out of synch.

In psychotherapy, systemic therapy seeks to address people on the individual level in an attempt to synchronize their individual systems, and also as people in relationships, dealing with the interactions of groups and their interactional patterns and dynamics. NeuroSystemics, a systems-based therapeutic intervention, is a methodology which helps to synchronize these systems back together in one’s personal life and with wider influences on communities and societies at large.



“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

Maya Angelou



Gentle Interventions

More than “techniques,” NeuroSystemics provides the understanding for accurately employing specific interventions that match an individual’s phase and allows what’s next to unfold organically.  These interventions are effective because of what they are, but especially, they are effective because of when they are applied.  To learn to waltz, we start with a set of three steps in a specific sequence; to dance the waltz is to apply those steps in time with the music, respecting its rhythm and feeling.  Keen observation, attunement, a hopeful nature, sensitivity to timing, compassion, and love are the qualities which emerge in us as human beings and as successful NeuroSystemics therapists.


Self Development Through Selfless Service

Organic Intelligence is both a professional and a life direction. Ultimately, NeuroSystemics catalyzes our capacity to experience relief from endless striving by recalibrating the nervous system.  A recalibrated nervous system opens the way to experience harmony in life, to relate, and to love again freely. NeuroSystemics offers the possibility of finding ourselves in compassionate and sustainable action, arising spontaneously to meet each moment. This means ease and heartfelt engagement on behalf of society, something previously found almost exclusively after years of contemplative practice. The Sanskrit term Nishkam Karma describes this ease and engagement as, “Taking responsible action without attachment to the outcome.”


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