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Corporate Mindfulness Training Series


“Mindfulness is a technology of mind and emotion, both in its scientific basis and domain of application.”

Trisoglio, A. (2013). Mindfulness & Leadership.


Contemplative practices such as Mindfulness help to develop a range of soft skills, which have a direct impact on performance and goal effectiveness of individuals, teams and entire organizations. Mindfulness is a mental training, which supports the cultivation of various intelligences:

  • Body: Cultivate serenity and inner resources allowing dynamic and dextrous responses to difficult situations.
  • Emotional: Deepen resilience and quality of life in the face of stresses.
  • Cognitive: Develop one’s capacity to make clear and constructive decisions.
  • Social: Engage in empathetic and compassionate behaviours to help strengthen teams and the corporation at large.


Le Temps (Switzerland) – newspaper article: “Bridging wisdom & business” 30.11.2015 (FRENCH).pdf




The PRO-X training series – Performance & Resilience Organisational for eXcellence – are offered for corporate sector enterprises. A variety of formats are offered:

  • Keynote speeches.
  • Mindfulness presentations.
  • Individual Mindfulness coaching for executives and leaders.
  • Distance-based sessions through Skype.


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4 training modules are presented:

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1. Mindful Leadership: destined for CEO’s, executives and managers, this module bridges personal/professional aspirations for greater coherence and performance.

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2. Efficiency & Harmony: For all levels of a company hierarchy, the purpose of this training is to strengthen power-empowerment and wellness-effectiveness strategies.

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3. Conscious Communication: Cultivating skillful interpersonal relations through: emotional management, conflict resolution and nonverbal perception enhancement.

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4. Stress Reduction: Strengthen resilience and enhance satisfaction through various personal, team and corporate coping mechanisms.


Time Magazine, Feb 2014




12 Benefits of Corporate Mindfulness:

  1. Improve attention, job performance, productivity and satisfaction;
  2. Decrease mental health-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, hyperactivity;
  3. Increase physical functioning, including reduction of pain, blood pressure reduction and improving duration and quality of sleep, among others;
  4. Deepen emotional intelligence and good social skills;
  5. Increase and stabilize self-confidence, quality of life;
  6. Improve emotion regulation and resilience in stressful conditions;
  7. Develop understanding of the modes of recurrent thinking, and reduce them;
  8. Develop community bonding between participants;
  9. Increase impartiality, both for one’s inner experience as well as external conditions;
  10. Develop of bodily presence and non-verbal communication;
  11. Increase and stabilize self-awareness and self-compassion and self-acceptance;
  12. Increase of creativity, linguistic and paralinguistic behaviour.



Staff Wellness Programs

New ideas bring cutting-edge competitive advantages. For some companies, staying at the cutting edge of market demands requires creativity. Technical expertise and management efficiency may have reached their optimal levels of performance, but creating conditions for innovation is also a fundamental dimension of success.

The Staff Wellness Programs (SWP) are an easy identification for employees and managers alike to recognize a company with principles and processes.  The SWP help companies ensure that:

  • Goal-efficiency, kindness and quality of life of management and employees are valued and balanced;
  • Opportunities for self-development for all employees are provided;
  • Key persons are coached with mindfulness practices for emotional and social intelligence;
  • Sustainable solutions for corporate harmony and teambuilding are encouraged.


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Many companies are shifting from the production-paradigm to the wellness-paradigm, realizing that happy employees tend to produce more and stay longer.


World Economic Forum brings explicit attention to the concept of corporate wellness programs (2014).

World Economic Forum brings explicit attention to the concept of corporate wellness programs (2014).


Scientific & Academic Recognition

For over 30 years, contemplative practices have become evidence-based interventions. Mindfulness and self-compassion have now been used in copo- rate contexts as Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Apple and Proctor & Gamble. Several successful executives such as Bill Ford Jr., (Ford Motors chairman), Michael Rennie (MC Kinsey managing partner) and Steve Jobs (Apple) have been committed to mindfulness practice.