Dharma Retreats

Since 2600 years, Buddhist meditation has been systematically practiced in Asia and other parts of the world. The path of meditation invites everyone to connect deeply inside to become more free of difficult emotions and psychological patterns. The freedom that is possible during retreats is unique and potentially life-transforming.

Boaz has practiced in a number of traditions, and in January 2022 he has graduated from the Bodhi College Dharma Teacher Training program. He regularly teaches residential dharma retreats in French, at Terre d’éveil.



NeuroSystemics Retreats

With his clinical expertise, Boaz has elaborated a way to practice meditation with solid, evidence-based nervous system regulation frameworks and practices. The NeuroSystemics Dharma program offers a number of retreats every year, where you will:

  • Receive personalized 1:1 meditation accompaniment with professionally trained somatic facilitators
  • Be offered ancient teachings with modern neuroscientific insights
  • Be a part of a compassionate community

For more information, please see the NeuroSystemics Dharma program here.

All Dharma activities are offered on a donation basis, for the benefit of all beings.