Therapist Trauma Training Program: CARE (Compassion, Awakening, Resiliency & Empowerment)

27 October 2019

CARE Training

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“The way is in the heart – follow it & be transformed by it”

The NeuroSystemicsTM CARE training (Compassion, Awakening, Resiliency & Empowerment) is a community-based professional trauma-sensitive relational Mindfulness training bridging ancient wisdom traditions, neurosciences and systemic understanding to offer integrative path to resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.


Embodiment & somatics

The neuroscience of embodiment is key to developing an empowered sense of self. Your “body landscape” provides the horizon and the compass for how you view the world and live your life. Somatic wisdom and embodiment practice will help you to build a solid foundation for resiliency and well-being.


Live a life of meaning and passion

There is more to life than healing. Western psychology has been founded on Freud’s vision of “transforming hysterical misery into common unhappiness” (Breuer & Freud, 1885). We were born on this planet at this time for a reason and a purpose. Neuroaffective and neurocognitive evidence inform the CARE methodology, going beyond therapy and providing you with greater meaning, happiness and passion for living.


Positive neuroplasticity

In Principles of Psychology, the founder of modern psychology William James writes: “My experience is what I agree to attend to” (1890). Through practices of Mindfulness and leading-edge neuroscientific understanding, you will learn to skillfully use your attention, regulate your emotions and build your resiliency.

Be a part of a healing community

Deep resiliency and empowerment emerge from a bottom-up approach. You will be encouraged to identify your inner resources and positive coping mechanisms to build lasting peace and social harmony. You will learn to co-create and participate in the development of the training in a peer-supported environment as well as with trained professionals.


Psycho-spirituality for awakened living

The CARE training provides the latest scientific insights woved with trusted contemplative approaches. Evidence-based Mindfulness, compassion and gratitude practices pave the way for sacredness, ceremony, ritual healing and cultivation. Mystic transcendence, awakening and meta-connectivity may be within arm’s reach as the CARE training offers privileged spaces for meditation and healing.


Complex systems made simple

Nature has secrets. Modern scientific theories of complex systems are unveiling them, and the CARE training provides you with its the essential keys.

“The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.”

Basic principles will enable you to engage your personal, relational, structural and mystical healing and transformation with elegance and simplicity. Realize your full potential by attending to all the parts of your being. Caring for one part supports them all. Caring for the whole strengthens each one. Your virtuous cycle begins.


Cultivate heartfulness & compassion

Heartfulness is a skill. Our education systems, though, do not teach it. Consequently, most of us have learned to be an enemy to ourselves. Heartfulness and compassion are central to CARE. It can change your life, how you engage with others and the world.


A hopeful vision for the future

The world is affected by multiples crises: social and economic inequality, global climate emergencies, species extinction, and more. Evolutionary sciences guide the NeuroSystemics community-oriented clinical methodology to face these challenges with skillfulness and wisdom for a brighter future: evolution, not extinction.